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Christmas Penguins 17


Christmas Penguins 17

Postby Sam » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:56 am

Christmas 17 1st.jpg
The colours used are for the scarves and hat, yellow red, blood red and shaded with rich brown. Penguins are black with highlights in baby blue...this very light. Their white areas are Jane Marcks dark brown (a dark gray) mixed with Copenhagen blue. Their beaks and feet are yellow brown shaded with pecan...I made a penned line around the edges with pecan and a touch of brown. Tree is three values of green....I added a touch of black to darken my darkest green on my palette since I didn't have an Nubian Green mixed and was too lazy to go dig it out of my supplies at the time. The trunk is black and brown mixed on the brush . Backgrounds....sky Copenhagen Blue with Slate for darkest shadows and Jane's dark brown on the snow

First fire on top, finished piece on bottom. Just a two fired piece but really easy to do. Oh, and the plate was from Dallas China, but I don't believe they carry it any longer....I just happened to have it in my stash :) Have fun doing this...I know I did
Christmas 17 2nd.JPG
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