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Just stopping by to say HI and post a picture, or two

Marci says:" Tell us about yourself and post a picture."

Just stopping by to say HI and post a picture, or two

Postby Renae Nelson » Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:01 am

;thanks; Your forum is a high spot of my day, I always learn something. I 'm a retiree with lots of time to paint, my setup is simple as I only have a year of instruction at hand. I really identified with the member that said she wanted everything! I told my classmates I'm still okey, my greenware will still fit under the bed! LOL...... Okey, let's try this picture thing...oh my two urls..???well they may be from the sample I tried earlier, I'll just ignore, heh heh...[url][/url]ImageWhat's all that? Well one more..it didn't work..how do I check pixels? [url][/url]Now there is two img's and urlsll
that means I've sent you something ....I'll stop now and maybe you can tell me about these urls and such. Thanks, I have more to share but want to get it right first. :) can you find the granny in the rocker animation, it's with the smilies, I'd like to use it for my avatar, but can't find it again. Just for the fun. Loads of love to all you wonderful motivators. Bye
Another day and another try, I remembered that you told someone to change the camera setting, thinking that may the pixel thingeee, I changed from 1024x1024 to vga email friendly, right!???
PPIO INTRO 001.jpg
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PPIO INTRO 005.jpg
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Renae Nelson
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Re: Just stopping by to say HI and post a picture, or two

Postby Becky Syroka » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:13 am

Dear Renae,
Hi Back!! :wave: ;welcome;

I see that you succeeded in posting photos of your work and I'm really surprised to read that you have only been taking lessons for one year.....you have a really nice body of work and should be very proud to share the photos...well done!

Love the photo of yourself....you look like a very happy person....and fun to be around.
Thank you for letting us get to know you a bit. Please continue to post!
;computer; ;rose; ;artist;

Becky Syroka
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Becky Syroka
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Re: Just stopping by to say HI and post a picture, or two

Postby Rena Solis » Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:43 pm

:wave: To Renae from Rena (how 'bout that!) Enjoyed seeing your work and wanted to tell you that, with the pieces you are producing after just one year, you are really going to go places with this art! ;rose2;
Rena Solis
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Re: Just stopping by to say HI and post a picture, or two

Postby marcib » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:52 pm

Hi Renae,
You said:" maybe you can tell me about these urls "
The URL tags are for when you have your photos already posted to another site like Flicker, Photobucket or Kodak.. Then you can open the photo there, copy the URL of that page and paste it here between the 2 URL tags..
Or , if you want to post a link to a website

I agree with the comments.. NIce paintings especially for a new painter. Wish we could see some of the photos better

Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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