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Meg Blake - UK

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Meg Blake - UK

Postby Christine Bennetts » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:57 am

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Meg Blake

Hello everyone. I was born in Northumberland in a small town called Morpeth and went to school there. I was the youngest of three children and the only girl. My two brothers were into all sorts of interesting childhood things and I being so inquisitive was there too, always in the middle of everything. We were also a very musical family. My Grandfather played the violin and we all as children played the piano. At Christmas time and family events I had to sing. What a cat wail. I never ever improved and to this day if I ever have to go to weddings or attend church, I now mime (saves a lot of embarrassing moments and explanations) !

I began working at the National Health Pricing Bureaux in Newcastle upon Tyne. After several years I felt I needed a change and trained to be a Services Manager in Industry. In my late twenties I married my husband.

My career as a painter and later as a teacher began in 1976. In those days (seems so long ago) I was into watercolours and couldn’t get the brush to go fast enough. I used to travel with my husband all over the world and always packed my paints and brushes in the bottom of the suitcase. Painting ran in the family, my two brothers are also artists, one living here in England and the older brother living in Seattle USA. Both enjoyed different mediums but I enjoyed in those days both watercolours and oils.

In my forties I decided to retrain as a therapist. This took me seven years to complete - covering Reflexology, Kinetics, Colour Therapy, One Brain Diffusion, Hands on Healing with the Federation of Healers and on and on. Then my husband retired and we moved back to Herefordshire in the early nineties. Whilst living there a dear friends’ husband died after a long illness. Nora owned a china shop and one of the old Royal Worcester Porcelain China Painters Gerald Delaney was giving a talk on china painting to support a charity evening for the Samaritans. She asked if I would go.

At the end of an interesting evening she asked Gerald Delaney if he ever took on students and he said he did occasionally. Nora left her address thinking she would never hear again. Alas two months later Gerald telephoned Nora and said he would teach her china painting. As you can imagine Nora panicked as she had never held a brush in her hand before but not to lose face said ‘yes’. I agreed to go with her and said if she couldn’t understand anything I would explain afterwards when we got home. That was the beginning for me too. I simply got hooked ! !

It was an interesting invitation to a new medium which I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years. I still cover all mediums but the china painting has been the greatest challenge, not only painting on flat surfaces but also on the round (good for raising the blood pressure) yet so satisfying. The subjects are endless. I began as a landscape painter but feel the challenge is now ongoing.

You know people come and go in life but china painters are very interesting special people with a bit of a buzz about them. I have met and made many friends over the years and look forward to meeting many more in the future.
Christine in Southport,UK
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Christine Bennetts
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Re: Meg Blake - UK

Postby Becky Syroka » Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:27 pm

Welcome Meg! Nice to hear your story ... thank for sharing!
;shake; ;balloon;
Becky Syroka
Portraits on Porcelain
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Becky Syroka
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Re: Meg Blake - UK

Postby minervacox » Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:31 pm

;oG So very nice to meet you and welcome to the ppioforum...thanks for sharing your artwork with all of us.
Minerva in KC
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Re: Meg Blake - UK

Postby shirleygambrell » Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:13 am

Hi Meg,
;welcome; Thanks for posting as I love to read about how we all got started.

Shirley Gambrell in Morehead City, NC
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