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Emma Jean McKee's bio.

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Emma Jean McKee's bio.

Postby ejmckee2009 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:27 pm

Hello, I am Emma Jean McKee. I live on a farm in Wayne County, Mississippi--in the same house in which I was born on November 16, 1938. My family settled our homestead in 1811 after leaving Cheraw, South Carolina. I obtained a BS Degree in Business Education for Mississippi State College for Women (renamed Mississippi University for Women--though not all students are now women.) I took enough college courses in elementary education to get qualified to teach in elementary grades as well as the business department and then I got a MS Degree in Elementary Education from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I taught business subjects for several years and then spent fourteen years teaching second grade in a private academy. When I went back to work in the public school, I became the Child Nutrition Administrator and spent eighteen years in that job. I retired June, 2006. I married, traveled with my husband who was a cotton warehouse examiner for the United States Department of Agriculture for a year and then we came back to our farm where he began to farm our land. We raised polled herford cattle and cotton. My husband was from the Mississippi Delta and we met when we were in college. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Agriculture. While farming, he began to work part-time for Farmer's Home Administration (later renamed Farm Service Agency). After a few years, we began to lease our farmland to other people. On the land where we had our cattle, we planted pine trees, so now we are classified as tree farmers.
We had three children--two daughters and one son. During their growing up years, we all played around with ceramics and got a kiln. We had friends and relatives that also came and did ceramic projects with us. All of the children loved drawing, painting and working with ceramics. Our youngest daughter began Mississippi State University as a freshman in the Art Department. After her first year, she changed to psychology and became a psychometrist. She still enjoys drawing, painting and working with ceramics and china painting and has passed that enjoyment on to her two sons. She is presently working with mentally challenged adults who live at a center in Mississippi. My son's two children-a son and a daughter-enjoy china painting whenever they spend time with me. My oldest daughter also enjoys painting and needlecrafts, but for the past few years has been too busy. She and my son both work for the United Postal Service, but in differenty cities.
I began to take china painting in 2009 and took the class for two years. I began to look on the internet for pictures and china blanks to paint. I found the set of u-tube instructions on a website that showed how to do everything we had been taught in our class. Then I began to see that other websites has instructions also. I stopped taking the classes andI took the money I had been paying for the class and joined PPIO. So very many of the questions I have needed answered are answered by all of you on PPIO. Now, I have 5 to 6 ladies that come to a house on our farmthat is unoccupied most of the year and we paint together one afternoon each week. Some of them are working on acrylics on canvas, some crochet, and some do china painting. We critique each other's work and make suggestions that we hope helps us to impove. I bake the china painting items for us. Our teacher had baked them when I took the class and told us nothing about how to bake them. So far, I've baked everything at cone 017 and it has worked out nicely. I'm reading all ya'll write about lusters, gold, firing, non-ping, etc. I have purchased many good books offered on ebay and I print out the lessons ya'll so generously share with us. Thank you all for being so sharing.
I belong to the Wayne County Genealogy Association and enjoy finding my ancestors and relatives on the internet. I used to think my Mother was just bothering me for no good reason when I had to typewrite the information she acquired by visiting cemeteries and possible relatives. Now I just wish she could have lived to use the internet. I find new ones every time I search. My mother helped gather information for a book,"John Chapman of Spotsylvania, Virginia Thomas Powe of Cheraw, South Carolina and related families." I am attempting to increase the number of ancestors and generations somewhat, but I also try to keep the book updated with marriages, newborn babies, deaths and any other interesting information I can obtain. One of my cousins tells me how useless it is to work on genealogy, but I tell her, "When I get to heaven, I am already going to know my folks."
My other project is to serve the "Friends of the Library" organization in our library gift shop one afternoon a week. Since that time is mostly just waiting for a customer to come looking for a gift to buy and I need to be occupied, I usually take a small bag of supplies and my china painting project and sit at a table in the shop and paint. Therefore, it is a treat to me to be there. (I do not like to do housework.)
I know this write-up is more than you wanted to know. Now, I suppose you know more about me than I know about myself. Thanks again for your gracious instructions on china painting and I hope we all have many more years of china painting together. By the way, my granddaughter (who graduated from high school this spring) said that the vase painted by Beverly Stone that I won on the auction for Braydon is the most beautiful vase she has ever seen--another of your generous sharing.
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Re: Emma Jean McKee's bio.

Postby FRBRIQ » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:04 am

Welcome Emma to our family of porcelain painters
Francoise, Melun, France
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