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My 2010 Xmas tree

Marci says:" Tell us about yourself and post a picture."

My 2010 Xmas tree

Postby FRBRIQ » Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:24 am

Good afternoon,
I took some photos this morning of our 2010 Christmas tree.
It is a real Normann fir-tree
Audrey's & Glass ball 1.JPG
The big glass ball was bought at the Strasbourg Xmas market three years ago. The painted ball is from Audrey Lawson received this year
2009 Ornament.JPG
Glass balls and ornaments.JPG
Two more glass balls and Martha Zink's from the first ornament exchange I participated to
Audrey's & Glass ball from Strasbourg.JPG
Audrey's and glass ball with blue insert
Star upr the Xmas tree.JPG
The star, I bought years ago in London at Harrod's..............
The Xmas real Normann tree 2010.JPG
Last view
Francoise, Melun, France
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Re: My 2010 Xmas tree

Postby Christine Bennetts » Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:41 am

Thanks for showing!

I WOULD show you my tree..........but first I have to put it back up.

Onyx still thinks he is a baby and can climb it whereas he is now 16 months old and the size of a panther, so ........................ wonder why I bother really. The lounge door is shut so none of the 5 brats can get in. This is a furry, catty house!! ;roflmao:

It is fake because he chews the ends of the branches of real trees and then pukes all over the carpet. Lovely!

Have a "Happy Christmas".........with your REAL tree......... ;thanks;
Christine in Southport,UK
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Christine Bennetts
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