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Marci Blattenberger

Marci says:" Tell us about yourself and post a picture."

Marci Blattenberger

Postby marcib » Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:30 pm

HI and welcome to the PPIO forum! ;welcome;

We hope that you will post a photo of yourself here and tell us a little about you so we can get to know you better.

My name is Marci Blattenberger. I am the co-founder ( along with Betty G ) of PPIO http://www.ppio.com , which brings you this forum.

Betty stepped down in the summer of 2010 so now, its just me .

This is me: :)

I live in Hendersonville, Tennessee,just outside of Nashville ( Music City USA) with my guitar-building ( lap steels, actually ) husband, Rex and lots of critters.
One of Rex's guitars. Yes, it has a lot of strings

Here is the world famous Boskie. The Bosk-man was the unofficial mascot for PPIO and those who have been around for a while were familiar with his online antics.
Sadly, he passed away on New Year 's Day 2011. He was a talented cat : played the guitar, chinapainted , was a real hit with the ladies and also worked for NASA in his spare time. ( Now that Boskie is gone, NASA has had to shut down their shuttle program ...but that little orange fuzzball left a lasting legacy . )
Boskie working hard

This is Moof. ( His name is Meow-Woof because his long legs make him look like a dog )

Moof's sister , Jasmine. She is usually draped over my shoulder when Im at the computer and yes, she really IS this cross-eyed.
( update on Jazzie) ... The beautiful Miss Jazzie joined her best friend Marv in kitty Heaven on January 20 , 2015 . She was my pillow kitty ... always slept on my pillow or on my chest ... and she is greatly missed. See you on the other side, sweet girl !

This is Handsome Marv, our Maine Coon :

Update on Marv: Marv went to kitty heaven on January 25, 2013. He was 17 and on life # 22 .
Tami Durbin painted a beautiful watercolor of him that I will post. ( Thanks, Tami. It means a lot to us )

These guys are a brother and 2 sisters : The twins, Nina( Czarnina) and Pu ( Kapusta) ( We named them after Polish food) and Biggie:
(Biggie passed away suddenly in 2011)

We also have a black kitty named Lucy . It is impossible to get a picture of Lucy .. Everytime I bring out the camera, she flips herself around and shows me her " best side" ...and frankly, if youve seen one black kitty butt, youve seen them all ! but ILl keep trying.

And of course, the enforcer of the group, the little policeman himself, LOUIE! ;clap
Lou driving back to Buffalo

And we also have another Maine Coon named Tunie. She moved in on Super Bowl Sunday in 2012 right after Boskie left us. We were at our good friends Gregg and Lara Germony's house watching the game and lara, who has an amazing cat rescue non-profit called " Doodlebug Manor"
http://www.doodlebugmanor.webs.com/ said:" I know its too soon ... BUT ..." and introduced us to Bella who Rex renamed Petunia ( Tunie ) ..
Poor Tunie was unadoptable because apparently , something really freaked her out early in life and she was very wary of people.. She spent the first few months at our house hiding under the dresser, only coming out to eat and do the litter box...
Now, however, she's regular member of the clan and sleeps on Rex like a big fuzzy blanket.

I am a chinapainting teacher and have traveled to many wonderful places to teach: about half of the states in the US, as well as the UK , South Korea, Thailand, Germany , Mexico and Australia.

I also make my own porcelain , specializing in a once-fired technique that allows me to work very thin which showcases the translucency of the porcelain .

My favorite things to paint are portraits. I love ( hate) the challenge ... but I also love playing with lusters, Crystal Magic and other unusual techniques as well as underglaze techniques.
I also dabble in watercolor, acrylics and pastels...
I love learning new things. I am very curious about processes...and I do several crafts also , including beading into which I incorporate my handmade porcelain pieces.
I also play guitar and bass and love to sing and write songs.
I also enjoy watching sports . Nine years of Catholic school have well prepared me to be a life-long and long-suffering Buffalo Bills fan . ;o( ;razz;

and Sabres.

Update 2013: STILL waiting for the BILLS and the Sabres to learn how to win ....Hopefully , THIS is the year....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the never-ending optimism of a BILLS fan ....

Well, that's it! That 's me in a nutshell... :^^:
Now its YOUR turn . Tell us all about YOU ! :wave:
Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby Priscilla » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:58 pm

Hi Marci,

I enjoyed reading your bio. Cute pics of the sweet critters! Thanks for all you do here with this new forum and PPIO. You are always so busy and you are appreciated! ;bravo;

Priscilla from Clare, Michigan USA :wave:
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby Karen » Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:00 am

Hi Marci, you're amazing! and I loooooove all your 'widdle puddy cats'!!! What is your beautiful doggy? I have 7!! (and 2 teenagers!) will get round to posting them all soon but I'm not in league for being organised. Thank you again for working so hard on this site....Lotsa love Karen xx (UK)
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby maryann » Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:33 pm

Marci, your kitties are so pretty. But I must say I am partial to the maine coon as I have a maine coon/manx rescue kitty that rules my life. She is now 18 years old. But still pretty spry except for the winter times.
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby pajlee » Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:45 pm

You are FABOO Baybee!!! :) You are SO GORGEOUS, can't wait to HUG you!!! LOL!!!! ;roflmao:

Paige in Omaha
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby mwazzi » Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:22 pm


My name is maria wazzi i live in Beirut Lebanon . I am 50 years old I have 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy my eldest is 25 she is working in London . She works in films industry as a director and scriptwriter now she is in LA for a documentary film. My other daughter she is 23 and she did her master in development studies , she studied in London Lsc . Her graduation is in December . My last is a boy 15 he goes to the American community school in Beirut. We lived in Cyprus for 22 years , we came back to Lebanon 4 years ago. My husband is a Banker.
I have so many talents from painting on porcelain to painting with acrylic and quilting and I have a passion with electronics , most women love clothes and jewelry I love technology. but now i have a passion in Painting on porcelain i started 7 years ago I am still learning but I am getting better.
i will post an image for myself and my family.Image
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby mwazzi » Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:48 pm

hi Marci

this is a picture of my husband and I Image
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby Cate » Tue May 03, 2011 12:57 pm

You are a special person. I want to say Thank you for all your efforts at developing the forum and list. I have gained so much from it (which by definition would be due to your countless hours). I love the" lack of adds" and appreciate all the work that went into moving the forum. I doubt any of us have a clue to the hours it took you to get it accomplished and --- with so little inconvenience to the rest of us. What I love most about the forum and list is the world wide audience of people (as one big group) all brought together by the love of porcelain art with no concern as to location, language, level of talent. It is truly the world holding hands around the globe.
Cate from Colorado
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby marcib » Wed May 04, 2011 6:15 pm

HI Cate,
Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it .
The forum move was a little hairy but it worked out well ... ;thumps;
Now I ve just gotta finish the thousand other things I have in the pipeline for PPIO .. :)
Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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Re: Marci Blattenberger

Postby luigi » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:13 pm

Hi Marci,
I enjoyed reading your BIO....I don't understand how to post my own...I loved your Kitty's ....Our special pets are part of our family...You are talented in so many medias. I would like to become a more active member of this site, how can I post my "Hi" ?
Warm regards,
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