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to begin 2010 new year , i say Hi !!!

Marci says:" Tell us about yourself and post a picture."

to begin 2010 new year , i say Hi !!!

Postby Dominique » Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:59 am

My name is Dominique Ervais ,
and i recently joined PPIO. What a wonderfull idea this forum... to be able to reach everywhere in the world, people who share the same passion : china painting.
I'm living in France not very far from Limoges, where we can find and buy lovely pieces of porcelaine.
I've always been interested in drawing, painting and handycraft. So i learned how to frame my paintings (watercolor, oil, pastel). Then i began to teach framing in a leisure center. In that place i met a lovely person who gave me her friendship with the virus of china painting in 1999. Two years later i began to teach china painting.
Then i met Elvira Aguiar, a wonderfull bresilian painter and i was totally stunned by her work with portrait. I took my first class with her in september 2004, just for my 50th birthday. Since that day i'm totally addicted to portraits..... that's my way....
I've 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. My elder daughter in a dermatologist and she has a 16 months boy. My youngest one is a student. She wants to be teacher for children. My son is working in Irland(Cork) for Apple computers.
So, now i get time to paint and i really enjoy to give back what i know. But i'm still learning with the persons i teach because they push me by asking questions , wanting to do something i"ve never done before...
However, my best pleasure is " to have a all day to plunge into a portrait.." it's delicious...... and then, i'm looking forward to taking it out of my kiln , fire after fire. When i begin a portrait i can't let it until it is finished.
I hope you"ve learnt more about myself .
Friendly yours
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Re: to begin 2010 new year , i say Hi !!!

Postby Christine Bennetts » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:38 pm

Happy New Year Dominique! Nice to meet you and I love your portraits! ;cool2;

Christine in UK
Christine in Southport,UK
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Christine Bennetts
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Re: to begin 2010 new year , i say Hi !!!

Postby Becky Syroka » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:57 pm

Hi Dominique!
It is so nice to put your face to your name and to learn a little bit about you personally!
So thrilled to have you on the forum sharing your lovely portraits!
;welcome; :wave: :wtg:
Becky Syroka
Portraits on Porcelain
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Becky Syroka
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Re: to begin 2010 new year , i say Hi !!!

Postby Marino » Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:33 pm

Bonne et heureuse année Dominique,
Je suis contente de faire ta connaissance, nous ne sommes pas très nombreuses à parler Français (happy to meet you, we aren't a lot to speak french here) j'habite en Nouvelle-Calédonie une petite ile du Pacifique sud et peint depuis presque 5 ans maintenant malheureusement je n'ai pas le temps de trop pratiquer et ça me manque (I live in New Caledonia small island of the South Pacific and paints for almost 5 years now, regrettably I have not much time to practiceand that misses me)
Je fais remplir une fiche say Hi moi aussi. I'm going to made my own say hi page too
Marino from New Caledonia in South Pacific
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Re: to begin 2010 new year , i say Hi !!!

Postby Sol Labos Brien » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:33 am

Bonne et Heureuse Annee Dominique!

It is a pleasure meeting you. I can not believe you are a grandmother. You must have had your children when you were still in a cradle. No kidding you look so young! Fontaine de Jouvence perhaps?

Your portraits are amazing and I can feel your passion in painting them, you have the talent my friend! And with Elvira's teaching you found your calling! Portraits are so rewarding when they are done right and this is not easy task to accomplish but you seem to have the magic hands.

Congrats on all your beautiful work! And lucky you that lives so close to Limoges.....I import all of my porcelain from that city, love painting on Limoges whites. Unfortunately one factory after another are shutting down over there.

Welcome again to this Forum Dominique!
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Sol Labos Brien
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