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Postby Cate » Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:29 pm

A Water Mixable Oil, it is an open medium can be used to mix paints and is a wonderful painting oil.  Doesn’t attract dust as mineral oil does.   developed for one-fire painting, but work well for all techniques. Allows for a heavy or thin application of paint. It is a mostly open medium, but will start drying after three or four hours.  It allows a heavier application of paint.
allowing for deposition of bright intense colors. It is odorless and non toxic without chipping.
There is no water in the wOil® formulation. The linseed oil and safflower oil vehicles have been modified to allow to mix with water, creating a stable emulsion, while retaining the
working characteristics of traditional oil.
W-Oil was developed by a famous Brazilian painter named Luis Wakao.  After he retired, he sold the formula to Cristina’s Art in Miami, and to my knowledge, she still carries it.  Her address is 12369 SW 132nd Ct. Miami FL 33186.  Phone number is 786-853-9423.
my sources PPIO list, Freddi, Marion Hinch, henk de Vries, toni acock
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