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Straight Lines

Straight Lines

Postby Cate » Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:33 pm

Straight Lines
Here are some of the tools I use for Straight Lines~~
Pin striping tape can be found in automotive shops. It works great for a specific width and comes in different sizes.
You apply the tape as you see it below then there is a clear layer you peel back and the areas you see the white areas are ready for you to paint.
pin striping tape.png

I also have used tiger tape which is used for sewing and making even stitches.
It comes by the stitches per inch.thes are 4,9,and 12inches per inch found in fabric stores. The blue is another car striping tape they are easily move around to adapt to a shape also.
Photo on 2014-09-08 at 10.49.jpg

other suggestions on PPIOI
I draw straight lines with a good liner brush and a ruler. The only trick is you need to have the brush handle or ferrule running against the ruler, and not the hairs. So I just block the ruler up on something, usually a piece of solid foam rubber on either side of the piece.
Paul Lewing
~~~~~You can use narrow adhesive tape from the drugstore.....or regular clear tape we use on photos, papers, etc. Just make sure the edges are sealed well.......use the back of a regular dinner knife to gently rub the edges or a small piece of porcelain that has a rounded area....press/smooth from the center of the tape toward the outer edge...not the other way around......
When you paint near the tape edge be sure to paint from the tape outward to prevent the oil from being forced under the tape......(ask me how I know....LOL ) after you remove the tape you can "fix" the edge with a brush that has a small fine tip......
I haven't tried this but someone once mentioned using Elmer's Glue on a brush to paint a line, let it dry, then paint over, or. up to it to create straight painted edges.....
robert armentor <aarm@bellsouth.net>
use a flexable ruler for straight line or round pieces also electrial tape
bought at Lowel's or maybe Walmart, the tape comes in a pkg with 4 different
colors about half in wide, good for round pieces even to measure around
wine glasses. These ideas might help.
Jane Happy from cooler weather in Missouri

I also found an old post of mine
*Staight lines using turntable and a homemade tool

and two other great places for straight lines

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*Staight lines using Turn table and a homemade tool
Bertie has directions for homemade tool at
Cate from Colorado
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