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Postby Sonja » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:34 am

I really like the Home Artist kiln. Good size and easy to move, fires good too. I will put some post under the shelf of the bigger kiln.
Have not used it yet.

I agree. I love mine.. I like to have a kiln to take when I travel .. and before I got the Home Artist , the only one that was light enough for me to lift with my bad back is one that is only 6 inches on the inside.. Not much you can fire in that ! .. so when Alice Wofford showed up at Concan one year with one, that was it for me..

HAD to have one.. Its big enough to fire 6 8 x 10 tiles , yet light enough that I can lift it pretty easily .. and it´s all self contained with a built in wheel thing like a luggage rack and a computer controller..

The only thing I wish it had ( and I´ve talked to Arnold Howard at Paragon about it ) is handles on the sides to make it easier to life.


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Re: Kiln

Postby Sonja » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:49 am

If I set my Olympic for a cone fire to china painting temps , it will take about 3 hours to fire.. ..

There are two ways to fire with computer controllers. One is to use the pre-programmed cone fire and the other is to do a ramp fire which lets you control exactly how fast your kiln will heat up . This is used more for glass slumping and for clay work ( I use a 5 ramp segment for firing my handbuilt porcelain ) ... but for firing china paint, all you really need is the preprogrammed fire..
(Unless youre in a real hurry .. then you can program it to fire faster and not cycle on and off )

Here is now I set my 9 pad for a preprogrammed cone fire:
( FYI, this info is in the paid members section of the website )
• 1. flip the ON switch on the side of the controller
• 2. the display will read "IDLE"
• 3. press the star button
• 4. the display will show dashes
• 5. press star again, then the 1 button on the keypad ..this is where you set the Cone
number....note: yours might be different)
• 6. punch in cone number using the keypad ...DONT FORGET TO PUT AN "0" IN FRONT OF
THE NUMBER ...eg..015 .....( if you DONT put the ) in, the controller will read it as a
ceramic or pottery fire and fire too hot for overglaze firing)
• 7. press star again ( this cycles to the speed setting...
• 8. on my kiln, if you want FAST , you punch 1, med 2, slow 3......I generally leave it on 1
even with large or thick objects since my kiln is pretty large and takes a while to get
up to temp anyway......most of the time, youre safe firing hot right off that bat....
• 9. press star again ...this cycles to the HOLD setting .
• 10. I leave the HOLD setting at 0.00 ( this is generally used for glass fusing and slumping
to keep the kiln at a certain temp....called SOAKING..but is not necessary for china
firing...but see note below for information on SOAKING)
• 11. press star again.....the display will read IDLE again
• 12. then I press star till the display reads START..... The kiln should turn itself on at this
point...and the display should start showing the temp inside the kiln( mine makes a
clicking noise when it´s on....yours might not)

Leave it for about 15-20 minutes..this should be enough time for the oils to burn out .then close the lid and let the kiln complete
the firing......

The kiln should shut off automatically when it reaches the cone temp you punched in.

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