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Interference colors

Interference colors

Postby Cate » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:54 pm

Interference colors are an iridescent effect that is created by bending light waves and so , the effect is very dependent on having light shine on the piece to see the effect ...
Over a light surface or white china , it is subtle and only really seen in the highlight area... like nacre on a pearl .. but over a dark surface ( preferably black ) , the reflection is blocked and results in a really strong metallic color...
very much like dichroic glass where the color is subtle on clear glass but strong on black ..
It is different from the metallic colors..
Mix, paint and fire like regular china paints although I prefer to use a waterbased medium with them but oil is fine... Can also be grounded on .
Over white or a light color, you will see a shimmer of metallic color where the light hits the piece ( like the flash of metallic on a mallard duck when the sun hits it ) .... like nacre on a pearl .
Over black or dark colors, the metallic effect becomes very pronounced.
If you are using it over black or a dark color and the paint looks white, brush it out thinner...
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