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Nice Christmas story by Jim Beebe

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Nice Christmas story by Jim Beebe

Postby marcib » Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:59 pm

Jean just posted this to the list and I loved it. I forgot what a great writer Jim was . So Im posting it here ..
We were reminiscing about Jim helping jean in her booth at the Spokane convention . Jim had failing eyesight and was part of an experimental procedure where they injected him with stem cells from his sister , which restored his sight for a while...
he was also very hard of hearing and I got a kick out of seeing him in Jean's booth with a name tag that said :" Jim Beebe ... SPEAK UP" .

jean said:
" Ha ha... you are right, Marci. The SPEAK UP sign worked too. Jim had
a way with words! Since it is the Christmas season I'd like to share
a little story he wrote about our first Christmas after moving to the
country.... we had always been city people and had lots to learn.
Hope it gives you all a chuckle.
This was published in the Oregon Coast Magazine in December of 1990..


By James L . Beebe

When Jean and I lived in California we grew accustomed to selecting
and cutting our own tree.. Just before each Christmas we would mount a
small expedition to a cut-your-own-tree lot near San Francisco.. The
owner would loan us a saw and point us in the right direction, and
that would be the signal for Jean to go crazy. “I like this one,” she
would say. “No, this one over here is nice”, she would say next.
“Wait, look at that one,” followed immediately. I also followed
immediately, and obediently, careful not to cut anything until she had
been over the entire one acre and had made her irrevocable pick. The
choice was always between a Douglas fir and a Douglas fir. (They grow

Then we moved to Oregon. Late in November the Forest Service
announced a cut -your-own-tree program. We visited out local ranger
station, paid $2 for our cutting permit, and picked up a map showing
the area where we could cut. My ball park estimate was 50,000 acres.

The next day we loaded our trusty pickup with saw, axe, hatchet, work
gloves, map, tree identification pamphlet, picnic lunch, small propane
stove and a jug of glogg (Scandinavian spiced red wine) and away we
went, up into the mountains, wandering over narrow logging roads, and
giving thanks for the four-wheel drive..

After closely inspecting maybe 5000 trees, Jean finally made her
decision and we cut a red cedar and brought it home.

That sounds like the end, doesn’t it? Ha, ha! Red cedars tend to
grow in closely-packed clumps, so their branches are often stunted on
one side. The answer is obvious: Get two trees. So we went out two
more times for a mate to the first tree. Finally successful, now we
have two red cedar trees, wired together in the same stand. Santa
won’t mind.

Even though we burned up three tanks of gas and scrutinized thousands
of trees in search of our $2 beauty, it was fun.. and the hot glogg
was great..

Merry Christmas everyone

Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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