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The price of milk

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The price of milk

Postby FRBRIQ » Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:52 am

I don't want to rumple any feather, but I hear this on the radio this morning and wanted to share it.

After having created Earth, God created Switzerland and was satisfy.
he walked in the high pastures and met a country guy.
- So, old chap, are you happy ?
- Oh yes dear God, the grass is fat, the cows love it, the sky is blue and we had enough rain.
- Would have a wish ?
- Oh yes dear God, I would like more milk.
- So be it said God, and he walked away.
Some times late, he came back.
- Is all well, old chap asked God ?
- Oh yes dear God, the milk is excellent, would like to taste it ?
- OK said God and took the cup the guy proposed.
- You are right said God, it is very good. Would have a wish ?
- Oh yes dear God, I would like one dollar for the cup of milk.
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