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Campana Porcelain Art School Amarillo , TX Feb 3-8, 2018

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Campana Porcelain Art School Amarillo , TX Feb 3-8, 2018

Postby marcib » Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:39 pm

Here is information about the best value in schools around: the Campana Porcelain Art school in Amarillo , TX.
The school is in February , 3-8 , 2018 .
I will be teaching this fun portrait with lots of interesting techniques on a 14 x 14 tile:
No portrait experience needed. I will walk you through it .
many techniques learned on this piece including laser cut resist, fireworks colors, diffusion and float gold .

marci blattenberger gold hair girl.jpg

marci blattenberger gold hair close up.jpg

Other teachers are
Paula LaVergne doing animal of choice
Alzora Zaremba doing woodpeckers
Beatrice Ramirez doing dragonflies with various techniques

The school is a wonderful value!
Tuition is $ 550 which includes 5 full days of classes, firing , AND five nights lodging ( based on double occupancy... private room is an additional $ 155 ) PLUS 3 meals including a banquet ( and ILl even bring my guitar )
The hotel also has free shuttle service from the Amarillo airport .
Can't beat that deal !
So come join us in Amarillo ( and if youre good, Ill even tell you how to find a fabulous little French bakery that makes the best cinnamon rolls I ve ever had!)

The classes were all full but recently there have been some cancellations... so sign up quick to take advantage of the openings .

For more information :

Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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