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Splash of Colour - Part 2

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There is no time limit on any of the challenges. Feel free to post your paintings into any of the challenge areas at any time.

These can be in ANY medium ...

This is not a contest... no prizes, no critiques ( unless you want one) .. just a way for us all to start at the same place and see what we can come up with ....

So come on and join in

Splash of Colour - Part 2

Postby Christine Bennetts » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:32 pm

This is the remainder of the entries to Splash of colour so view all before voting!

Number 47 - Lisa Kos - Ladies
Splash of colour 53.JPG

Number 48 - Sylvia Oates - Vase
Splash of colour 55a.jpg

Number 49 - Penny Nangle - Draped Glass front
Splash of colour 56.JPG

Number 49 - Penny Nangle - Draped Glass back
Splash of colour 57.JPG

Number 50 - Penny Nangle - Hummers
Splash of colour 59.JPG

Number 51 - Penny Nangle - Bright Roses
Splash of colour 60.JPG

Number 52 - Trish Reader - Sections
Splash of colour 61.jpg

Number 53 - Pauline Thomas - Africa front
Splash of colour 63.jpg

Number 53 - Pauline Thomas - Africa back
Splash of colour 62.jpg

Number 54 - Nancy Marriner - Red Floral
Splash of colour 64.jpg

Number 55 - Jennifer Collins - Poppy
Splash of colour 65.jpg

Number 56 - Margaret Carr - Sectioned Set
Splash of colour 66.jpg

To view the rest of the entries to "Splash of Colour" please click on the link!

Email your votes - one vote per email address to : christine@clublustre.co.uk

Christine in Southport,UK
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