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Adele Powell Holt

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Adele Powell Holt

Postby marcib » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:03 pm

Im posting this for Adele.
She will no longer be traveling to do seminars. However ,she will be offering seminars in her own home studio in Burlington , North Carolina . I also hear that Adele is quite a good cook .
Here is her letter :

" I am starting out the year 2014 with a New year resolution that my children reminded me that I have made every year for the last three years or so...so... this year it is going to be a fact...

I will I will not be doing any more seminars or traveling of any distance from Feb 14th , 2014 forward...

I am looking forward to doing seminars in my studio that I had made in a one car garage a few years ago...more like a school with just one teacher... me.

The subject matter would be whatever the group would like to work on . I don't have standard subjects that I do ...because... the interest is varied from group to group... so the group would request a certain subject and we would go from there.

There would be one flat price of $ 300 a day which would include all the supplies furnished ... with the exception of the price of the porcelain you wanted to work on and any Gold or lusters you bring ...and it could even be certain pieces that each of you wanted to work on at the time that you have brought from home.

One of my favorite aspects of this art is the designing ... so one could be doing a box, another a tray , another a vase and two other totally unrelated from the other students.

Meals would be included up to a point... with a gratuity box on the counter for you to donate what ever you decided it was worth . The food choices could be decided on prior to the seminar , depending on foods that each cold not eat or are allergic to.

I can sleep 5... have only one bathroom ... so a schedule to work out for showers. Each have your own basket of linens that are washed and dkired every day . There is a television in each room ...two double beds and bedrooms ( 1 bed in each room on the ground floor and a total of 3 singles on the second floor in one room ... have WiFi .. If you want a bunk in room mate , that is possible also...)

To do a good job on the subject, I like to have 4 day classes to be able to complete as much of the project as possible... depending on how many different techniques are applied and the firing required for each . Any one interested can get in touch by calling or emailing me .
Phone numbers etc are available on my website.

Email : ardyceplace@aol.com
Website : http://www.ardyceplace.com/

Offering seminars to a maximum car load of 5. I can sleep this many ( 5 ) or 5 separate of 5 cars ... have room for them in the drive too .

Adele Powell Holt"
Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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