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Georgia World Organization of China Painters

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Georgia World Organization of China Painters

Postby espga » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:51 am

We meet three times a year through our State Board and Convention Committees. We have a FABULOUS convention every May held at Callaway Gardens, in Pine Mountain, Georgia.....May 19 - 21 are the show dates for 2011. The purpose of our organization is to educate and encourage artist, connoisseurs, and patrons of the fine art of porcelain painting and decoration and to promote the art by exhibiting painted porcelain. We are members of the WOCP.
Our new state President, Laura Lacis, has great things planned for the coming year. Peter Faust will be the guest artist at our convention among other things.
Check back regularly to see these plans and to see what we are doing in our state. :artist:
For information or questions check with Laura Lacis at lauralacis@comcast.net or Eloise S. Pino at esp_ga@bellsouth.
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Athens Area Porcelain Artist

Postby wild plum gallery » Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:48 pm

Seemed like a good place to post our club information:
We meet at the
Lyndon House Arts Center
Hoyt St.
Athens GA 30601

We meet on the 2nd Friday of every month, except June, July, and August which we take off for the summer.

Current President: Scot Mauldin
Contact: ogleforoil@gmail.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

We are going to be doing a small cream pitcher painted quick and easy with
Paints & Porcelain (Earleen Rowell) MARBLE LOTION.
The two examples shown below are the same coffee mugs with the photos taken from different angles. The mug on the left (the purple one) was done by my Mother, Anna Holshouser and the mug on the right (the brown one) was done by me.
pick your favorite color of luster and apply a solid coat all over the mug. Not heavy, but not a skimpy coat either. Let that air dry for one hour! or until you can touch the luster and it doesn't feel sticky and come off on your finger.
Next, apply a decent coating of Marble lotion.
Let that dry (about another hour)
Now to explain how we created a couple different looks.
Mom's Mug: Where you see the heavy purple streaks is where NO marble lotion was applied on top of the luster. marble lotion is clear, so it can be hard to tell where you put it. Try to apply it in one stroke the length of the mug using a wide square shader brush.
Another note: USE a SEPARATE BRUSH for each color of luster and write the luster color name on the handle, and only use that brush for that color of luster.

My Mug: Where you see the "S" swirl is where I did NOT put any luster on the mug. I did not put any marble lotion on the base of my mug so it is solid rather than marblized.
All of the wood grain accents were done with penwork in a SECOND FIRING. I also outlined each of my "holes" to make the colored areas look like they were deliberately painted that way.

That's it! It's worth a try for quick and easy gifts!
marble mugs1.jpg
view 1

marble mugs2.jpg
view 2

marble mugs3.jpg
view 3

cream pitcher.jpg
The cream pitcher that we'll be doing at our club meeting.

Here's the results of our club meeting. All of the lusters we used came from Earleen Rowell (Paints & Porcelain) so did the Marble lotion we used. The luster colors we used were purple, blue/green, blue/violet, and Opal. The Opal one is pretty hard to make out but in person it's a stunning effect for a background that you just want some visual interest but subtle so that it doesn't distract.



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Lexington, GA
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