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marbling using Krylon Webbing Spray

Crystal Magic over Bright Gold by Marci Blattenberger

marbling using Krylon Webbing Spray

Postby marcib » Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:59 pm

From a recent discussion on the list about Krylon webbing spray :
Lynn Peeler sent me these photos of the effect and said:" The border on my Santa plate was sprayed with silver webbing Spray, sponged over with cherry red luster and then fired."

lynn peeler krylon.jpg

lynn peeler krylon close up.jpg

Some of the discussion from the PPIO list. ( Its not in order and this is not all of the responses )

From Karla Pendleton:
" I have a link to a photo that illustrates how I use the webbing spray to
create a "marbleized" border on a tray. Also some very basic instructions:
The gold fires on black and the silver and gold chiffon fire on a grey
color. The other colors fire off and act as a resist or that's what I
understand. I'm new at this but having lots of fun "playing" with it. The
Krylon webbing spray and Krylon marbelizing spray both work the same.

from Cherryl Meggs:
I learned this effect from Joanne Barker years back.
Since then I have used it many times.
I have bought gold, black and silver.
The gold has the most metallic in it.
So after firing more shows.
The silver tends to fire lighter.
The black I use as a resist, spray on let it dry then go over it with china paint.
Just my thoughts,
Cherryl Meggs

and more from Cherryl:

Good to know you can buy it online from Walmart, it's seasonal and sold around
Halloween at Michaels.

Yes it does fire off. There maybe ash after firing but it comes right off.
This makes fantastic patterns that resemble streaks in marble.
Resist any area where you don't want the webbing.
It cleans up with Acetone.
I fire the darkest and medium value of what I want on first fire at 016 , then wash
over with lightest value on second fire.
Example Cobalt Blue and Flag Blue on first fire .
Second Fire: wash over with Deep Blue Green.
I find doing it outdoors over a big piece of cardboard moving the can from left to
right works best.
The pattern you see on the piece is what you see after firing.
I fire 016.
Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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