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framing porcelain tiles

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framing porcelain tiles

Postby Cate » Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:34 pm

ipatcherrylmeggs <ipatcherrylmeggs@aol.com>
CAUTION: use a 2 part epoxy or caulk as Marci suggested for gluing.
If not you might find your tile broken on the floor.
Hmm... guess how I know that?
Ursula Gilewski <ug.porzellan@gmx.de> want it matted and afraid the mat would wrap, I put non reflecting glass over the mat and glue the tile on top of the glass
Carol Korros ckorros@sbcglobal.net framed at Joanne’s HINT: DO NOT leave you tile at the store during the period of time they need to order the framing materials.
a local, independent framer generally don't charge much more and can and will do so much more for you and have a much greater selection of matt colors and frames
Ann Krummel ‪<letspaintchina@cableone.net>‬ wrote:
paint the mat on. It'sactually a lot of fun. You can get the exact colors and/or style that
you want for your mat to go with your picture, and you can certainly
come up with some original, unusual mats. If you will go to my
website: http://myweb.cableone.net/letspaintchina and go to
"Gallery", then scroll down to the middle of the window, you will see
3 examples of a painted on matt using the Leather Look.
I used to have a book on the technique of painting matts called French
Matts, but I have been out of it for years. If you would like a copy,
perhaps someone on this list would sell you theirs. Ann Krummel
Anna Herring anna.herring@gmail.com And isn’t the malachite on the home page an Ann-painted frame? Anna
Emilie Wiley mipaemilie@att.net for framing. They do a great job and don't give you a hassle like Joann's do. Their prices for framing are also lower than Joann's
Mary Gosden gosdart@aol.com I made two videos for You Tube a few years ago on how to matt and frame porcelain tiles. It is in part one and part two because I could only record 8 minutes at a stretch. Here is the link for part one. After viewing, just click on the part two that is listed on the page. Happy painting! mary Gosden on Long Island
http://m.yoBeverly Stone <bj1stone@mac.com>utube.com/watch?v=HY_qDZXXl3c

Yes please, no glass over the porcelain! I've seen it done many times and you can't see the beauty of the porcelain. In my view it completely obscures the painting on the porcelain. it would be like placing a pice of clear plastic over a water coloring before framing! phooooey
"Marci =^..^= Boskie's Mama" marci@ppio.com

I do my own framing... and no, you dont need glass over porcelain just like you dont put glass over oil or acrylic paintings.. The glass is only to protect a delicate surface , like a watercolor..or paper.. . The only reason to really frame a piece of porcelain with glass is to protect a mat from getting dirty if you mat the piece.
I like to frame my pieces on top of a matt rather than under a matt because I like to make sure that people see that its a piece of porcelain . I use gatorboard as a backing .Gatorboard is similar to foamcore but a lot better .. a little pricey but the best ... it is light weight but very rigid ... very stiff and difficult to bend but easy to cut with a razor knife ... so its a perfect backer ...
Regular foamcore is OK too but foamcore can be bent pretty easily ...
I cut the Gatorboard to the inside size of the frame ...then I cover it with either a piece of matt board ( not cut as a mat but rather covering the whole piece of gatorboard) ...or I will also spray glue the Gatorboard and cover it with some nice fabric ( velvet is nice , for example ) .... Then I glue the porcelain piece on top of that...( Usually I use clear silicone caulking ) , insert it all into the frame, do whatever it takes to keep it all firm in the frame ( usually I screw on small metal braces across each corner .. but sometimes, if the frame is deeper than the gatorboard, I have to fill in the back of the frame with cardboard to bring it all up even with the back of the frame.. )...
then glue on some brown paper to the back of the frame, and attach the wire hangers...
If you want, you can also add a mat to this ...

An alternative, if you want to have a mat covering the edges of the porcelain : Get a thicker piece of gatorboard or foamcore... Cut to the size of the frame...
Lay the tile or porcelain on the gatorboard and trace around it .... then cut the board to that size . The idea is that the tile or plate will fit inside this ...You are cutting through it completely and then using another backing piece to hold the tile in place .. .
Essentially , youre making a sandwich with a mat on top , middle layer is the tile cradled inside the board that you cut out to hold the tile , and a backing piece ( foamcore, heavy cardboard, whatever.. The backer keeps the tile from falling out the back, the mat keeps it from falling out the front and the center piece keeps the tile from sliding down ... so these must all be sandwiched tightly. Marci
John Vander Molen jjvan@tampabay.rr.com
stain an interesting board and then glue tile to the center of the board using the board as the frame. Usually I do this with bird or animal subjects. Janet in Florida
Jane Bowen jane@janebowen.com

One of the easiest ways to frame tiles is to glue them onto the glass of a ready made frame. I frame what I want for the mat inside the frame then use epoxy to glue the tile onto the glass. Here are 4 pictures of painting that I have mounted that way. Background for the Great Blue Heron and the Bunny is grass cloth wallpaper. The White Egret's background is a woven plastic feed sack, and the Rooster's mat is the back of one of my husbands shirts. Most of the time I can buy a $5 frame from Wal-Mart.
I posted 4 pictures onto the Forum. Here is a link to see them. http://ppioforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=25 ... 323#p15323
Maria Q Kelly <mariaqkelly@charter.net>
My son does Stained Glass and has made beautiful frames for porcelain tiles. Maria Kelly
Cate from Colorado
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