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luster over gold

luster box by Marci Blattenberger

luster over gold

Postby marcib » Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:37 pm

We had a question ont he fourm about putting luster on top of gold. This was a vase I did as part of a series of lessons I did for the IPAT magazine back in 2002 . The series was called :" Breaking the rules" and this particular lesson was " making the size of your motif fir the piece " ... like , dont put tiny flowers on a large vase ...

So , I put tiny flowers on a large vase to show that you can do it if you balance out other aspects of the design .. The way I chose to balance the small flowers was by doing a luster over gold technique on the bottom of the vase. ( The entire lesson is in the members only section of our main website http://www.PPIO.com , members only ) ...

But what I wanted to show was the luster over gold effect :

This was a coat of liquid bright gold, fired ..
Then I applied a coat of turquoise luster over it, crinkled up some plastic wrap , covered the lsuter with the crinkled wrap and waited until the luster got tacky . ( If y ou wait too long, its hard to pull off the wrap .. If you pull the wrap off too soon , the luster will ooze back and you wont get as interesting a pattern .. )

peel off the plastic wrap and fire ..

This is ONE color of luster .... Smooshing on the plastic wrap forces the luster into different thicknesses over the fired gold .. and that results in a rainbow of colors ...

Its also effctive swirling on a coat of Mother of pearl luster over fired gold.. No need for the plastic wrap on this one.. Just swirl on the MOP with your finger in random circular patterns to get the best color break up ... the result is fabulous ...


Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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