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making a shut off timer for a kiln

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making a shut off timer for a kiln

Postby marcib » Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:25 pm

We recently had a discussion on PPIO about a member who had to leave her house unexpectedly for a family emergency and was so distracted that she didnt shut off the kiln . It was on for 3 days. Luckily her house was fine as was the kiln .. but the pieces in it fused together .

That got us talking about kiln shut offs.

I saw some commercially available ones on the internet ( search for shut off timers ) ... and asked my friend Arnold Howard from paragon kilns if they would work .. He said yes but that you had to make sure that the amperage on the timer matched the amperage of your kiln .

Most small kilns pull 15 Amps .. so you would need a timer that is rated for that. You can find the amps of y our kiln by looks at the name plate. All of that info is there... And the rating of the timers should be listed in the specs.
You can also find them in places like Home depot, Lowes, Ace hardware.....

Alice " Sam" Wofford and Mary Causey both sent me photos of homemade timers made by their handy hubbys .. Thank you , girls. ( Its nice to have a man around who is not only good looking but useful :) )

Here is Sam's timer :
She says:"
​Sending two jpgs. One is just the timer....as you can see the one I'm using is for only an hour, but if you look hard enough you can find one that is for longer....costs a heck of a lot more, too, and is really hard to find.

Use the heavy duty wiring for this. Wayne used much longer wire than I needed but I was taking this one on seminars and since I didn't always have close plug ins he made it long enough that I could reach wherever I needed. I tried to show the male and female plugs so you'd know the size to get....these are strong enough for our kilns and don't require any changes for the 110

It isn't that hard to make, but if you don't understand electricity you can have problems wiring the timer. Be sure to do a test to make certain the timer runs correctly before you trust that it times at the minutes you put on. This one is 1 minute slow but then it is 12 years old"

timer  sam.jpg

timer with cord and ends  sam.jpg

and this is the one that Mary sent:

mary also sent an additional note to me which is brilliant. She says she uses the 2nd plug to plug in a lamp. That way , she can tell immediately if the kiln is still firing .... She also sets the timer on her phone as an extra precaution .... Thanks, Mary ! great tips !

mary causey timer.jpg
Marci >^..^< (x 8 )
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