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Heidi Campini -Mrs. Solano County Queen

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:36 pm
by marcib
One of our very own , Heidi Campini, is now officially royalty ! ;rose2;
Congratulations, Heidi ! They couldn't have chosen a more beautiful and charming queen .

I'll let her tell the story:


This was dated Wednesday , June 14, 2017 . ( It took me a while to get it posted ) '

Heidi said:
Surprising news!

Yesterday, at the annual local Pageant, I was selected as the new Mrs.
Solano County!!!!
I'm absolutely stunned and totally humbled.
The other contestants in the Mrs. category vying for the crown were
totally worthy of this special honor and privilege.

Attached below should be a photo quickly taken at the
event........although my tiara was tipsy and my hair doing it's wild thaaaaang, my
heart and
my appreciation were and are overwhelmed.
I hope to make the community very proud.
In addition to the Queen Title, I was also awarded Mrs. Congeniality, The
Community Service award and The Highest Interview score.

The woman who crowned me, now 2016 Mrs. Solano County, the amazing
Marleen Maltby, will be a very hard act to follow.
She is the epitome of community service, grace, good humor, generosity,
creativity and positive attitude.
Everyone absolutely adored her as
HRH Queen Marleen :))

This evening is my first official duty at the annual kick-off BBQ to
Vacaville's Fiesta Day's weeklong celebration.
I'll be there in my Crown and Sash........along with this year's other
new Queens, also crowned yesterday (Miss, Jr. Miss, Teen, Jr. Teen,
Ms.)~~~~~~all are beautifully confident, highly impressive and intelligent girls and
young women.

Live with courage and curiosity~~~~~
Queen Heidi