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Eldora Gentzler and Delaney Age 13 (Nebraska)

Eldora Gentzler and Delaney Age 13 (Nebraska)

Postby Christine Bennetts » Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:45 am

I received these lovely pictures earlier today and hope that Eldora and Delaney do not mind me putting this up to show everyone what a very clever girl Delaney is!!

I thought it was amazing that Delaney decided to paint a 4 sided vase in the exact theme of "The Catwalk Collection" and as she worked soooooo hard I wanted everyone and not just me to see this lovely piece! ;thumps;

;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo;

Dear Christine,
I haven't taken the time and effort to learn how to
post photos and I don't even know how to get more than one photo on an
email so I am sending this email and 3 more to follow. Each has one
side of the vase my granddaughter painted while she was spending a
couple days with us last month. She had completed her vase and returned
home before you issued your challenge. I thought it was so much of a
coincidence that she would chose this subject just before you announced
your theme.

Delaney is 13 but has painted very few things before this as she rarely
gets to spend enough time at Grandma's house to complete a project.
This time she would be here for 3 days so I told her to choose something
that could be completed in 2 fires. At the present time her goal is to
be a fashion designer when she grows up so the subject was entirely of
her choosing. She drew her designs on with the sugar water pen paint,
Let it dry a few minutes and then painted the colors. I advised her to
not try more than 2 sides for each fire so the vase was only fired twice.

You don't need to enter this in the competition as it would not be
competitive with the other artists but I thought you would be interested
in the fact that a young girl in Nebraska had thoughts along the same
line as an artist in England. The WOCP museum displays the work of
youngsters that is selected at our state conventions so I plan to enter
her vase next month at our state show.

Thank you to Eldora for sending this to me and to Delaney for sharing with us all!
Eldora 1.jpg
Eldora 2.jpg
Eldora 3.jpg
Eldora 4.jpg

Well done Delaney! ;clap;
Christine in Southport,UK
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Christine Bennetts
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Re: Eldora Gentzler and Delaney Age 13 (Nebraska)

Postby CBCarol » Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:00 pm

Delaney, ;bravo;

Well Done...... You've done an excellent Job. I'm sure that your grand-mother Eldora is very proud of you.
;thanks; ;bravo;
Carol in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
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Re: Eldora Gentzler and Delaney Age 13 (Nebraska)

Postby Elaine Farr » Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:25 am

Lovely painting Delaney. My grand daughter Cora was delighted to see another young girl painting. Keep it up :)
Elaine Farr
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Re: Eldora Gentzler and Delaney Age 13 (Nebraska)

Postby Priscilla » Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:57 am

;rose2; Dear Delaney, Great job! I'm sure your gandma is so proud! Wonderful! Keep painting!
;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;bravo; ;thumps; ;thanks; for sharing.

Priscilla ;rose2; ;clap; :wave:
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